When is a dental post and core needed?

If a patient needs a dental crown after root canal treatment, Dr. Charles Anonye may recommend a post and core in York, Pennsylvania. The dental post and core are used to support the dental crown if there is not enough tooth structure left to support it.

What is a dental core?

After root canal therapy, a tooth is sometimes missing a lot of structure because of decay or the creation of an access hole. Core placement is the process by which our dentist replaces any missing tooth structure to prepare for the placement of a dental crown. The dental core will support the dental crown. The dental core can be made from dental amalgam or dental composite resin.

What is a dental post?

A dental post is used to anchor the dental post. The dental post is not always needed. If more than half of the tooth’s structure is missing, the post will be needed to support the dental core. If more tooth structure remains, the dental post is not required.

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