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If your child is one that throws a fit every time you ask them to brush their teeth, we have some suggestions that might help you make teeth brushing a more fun and enjoyable activity!

Suggestion No. 1: Hum a tune.
Find a two minute tune that your child can hum while they brush their teeth. Not only will your child have fun while doing this, but they will also thoroughly clean their teeth during the process! You can also encourage them to move their lips, tongue, and jaw with the song, which will help them clean their teeth at different angles.

Suggestion No. 2: Create a bubble machine.
Convince your child that they can be a bubble machine! The more they brush their teeth, the more bubbles they will make. Try and see how many bubbles your child can make in a two-minute time period.

Suggestion No. 3: Make it a family activity.
Make brushing your teeth a family activity! Have everyone go into the bathroom together and begin brushing their teeth. Then, after 30 seconds or so, have everyone switch and clean each other’s teeth. You can also involve the family dog if you’d like! Just remember to use a different brush and to wash your hands after brushing the dog’s teeth.

Suggestion No. 4: Play music.
Get a cheap or old stereo and put it into the bathroom. While your child brushes, play a two minute song that they know and love. While they brush, encourage them to sing and dance. Better yet, join them! You both can have a tooth-brushing party filled with fun!

Suggestion No. 5: Use an hourglass.
Use an hourglass timer instead of a digital timer. Kids are fascinated with hourglass timers, and they enjoy watching the sand drop from the top of the glass bottle to the bottom while they brush.

Call our office today if you would like to know more about making teeth brushing a fun and enjoyable activity!