The Truth About Tooth Sensitivity

Do you ever experience sensitivity or pain when you bite into something too hot or too cold? Are you ever hesitant to talk or smile because you worry about exposing your teeth to the cold? Did you know that regardless of how long you’ve dealt with tooth sensitivity, there may be something you can do… Read more »

Tooth-Colored Fillings: Taking a Step Toward a Healthy and Beautiful Smile

Did you know you can fill your dental cavities with something other than metal and gold fillings? Well, it’s true! At Heritage Dental, our office offers composite dental fillings, which are tooth-colored resin fillings that repair the health of your smile and give you the natural results you are looking for. There are many reasons… Read more »

Care and Cleaning Tips for Dental Implants

A dental implant that replaces a lost tooth represents a serious investment in improving your mouth’s form and function. Even though the implant itself and the crown fitted over it are not subject to decay, they still require care and consideration in your oral hygiene routine. Bacteria and plaque can build up on the crown…. Read more »

What Are the Different Stages of Sedation Dentistry?

There are a few different reasons for why your dentist might recommend sedation dentistry for you. The reason can greatly influence what level of sedation you choose. Mild sedation relaxes you while you are still awake. This is a common method for people struggling with dental anxiety. In most cases, mild sedation is administered as… Read more »

Your Oral Hygiene Routine

How you brush and floss your teeth are as vital to a good oral hygiene regimen as is choosing a quality product. The American Dental Association advises that your teeth be cleaned twice a day and to protect the gums, advises using a soft bristled toothbrush. It is best to brush your teeth at a… Read more »

The Truth About Regular Dental Cleanings

There are many reasons to visit your local dentist twice a year. With the holidays approaching, it’s easy to postpone dental cleaning visits because of your busy schedule. However, it’s important to remember your oral health care needs. Here are some reasons why you should visit your dentist while on the brink of the candy-filled… Read more »

Complete Your Smile With These 4 Tooth Replacement Options

It’s time to replace your missing teeth and finally complete your smile! With the dental technology available in the world today, it is possible to fill the gaps in your smile with a variety of different options, including: 1. Partial Dentures: A partial denture is a great appliance that is beneficial for those who are… Read more »

What Treatments To Consider For TMD

If you’re wondering how you can treat your TMJ disorder, look no further! Our staff is going to give you some of the more common treatment options that are practiced by many who have TMD. Home Treatments Taking over-the-counter medications can help relieve any muscle pain or swelling you are experiencing. Consider applying an ice… Read more »

Four Options to Treat Your TMJ Disorder

Knowing what your options are important to you, especially when it comes to your TMJ disorder (TMD). Today we are going to give you four common treatment options for TMD to help in your decision. 1. Taking over-the-counter medications can help relieve any muscle pain or swelling you are experiencing. Consider applying an ice pack… Read more »

Knowing How to Have Fun While Brushing

If your child is one that throws a fit every time you ask them to brush their teeth, we have some suggestions that might help you make teeth brushing a more fun and enjoyable activity! Suggestion No. 1: Hum a tune. Find a two minute tune that your child can hum while they brush their… Read more »